​"53 ​years in financial services consulting"

Serg A. Mesa

Serg A. Mesa offers over to two decades of accomplishment laden experience in the financial services and insurance industry, driving achievement of the highest sales growth, market penetration, distribution, brand development, agent recruiting, agent training and compliance. A key strategic contributor in efforts that drove sales growth at organizations such as W.M. Financial Services, First Union Financial Services, Union Planters Financial. Serg brings valuable insight and knowledge regarding the leadership and challenges faced by small start up and growing companies.

Beginning his career in 1992 as a stock broker, Serg developed a great affinity and aptitude for understanding and selling the myriad of financial services products in the marketplace. He came toFlorida in 1995 and added insurance to his broad palate of services and products with a nationally recognized firm where his initiative, drive and sales set him apart from all other agents.

In his never ending quest his for knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial opportunities, Serg obtained licenses as a Mortgage Broker and additionally as a Property & Casualty Agent. He established a foothold in Florida’s competitive financial services arena in 2005 under the firm SERG A. MESA, P.A. dba LIFELINE.

The recent financial crises have only served as a testament to Serg’s drive, determination, business acumen, and creativeness in weathering a period of inordinate economic turbulence with leadership and character forged in the early days of his youth in New York and refined in the harried din of a N.Y.C. brokerage firm.

Throughout his career, Serg has established very strong business as well as social bonds with co-workers and clients alike. Serg has gained nothing but the praise and utmost respect of all those who come into contact with him, and his vast experience spans virtually all aspects of the financial services and insurance industry in sales, operations, compliance, marketing, training, distribution, financing, administration, recruiting and mentoring individuals to run their own financial services firm, if they so choose.